Osho Lost Millions of Followers When He Became Bhagwan (GOD)

This video explores the life and teachings of Osho, a controversial spiritual leader who attracted millions of followers.

The title “Osho Lost Millions of Followers When He Became Bhagwan(GOD)” hints at the central theme of the video: Osho’s unorthodox approach to spirituality, which alienated some but captivated others.

The video delves into Osho’s early life, highlighting his spiritual awakening at a young age and his subsequent journey as a teacher.

His unconventional methods, which included questioning established norms and openly discussing sex, drew both praise and criticism.

Despite the controversy, Osho amassed a dedicated following, establishing communes in India and the United States.

A turning point came in 1980 when Osho faced an assassination attempt, followed by increased scrutiny from the Indian government. This ultimately led to his departure from India.

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The video concludes by pondering Osho’s legacy, leaving the question of his divinity unanswered.

However, it paints a picture of a complex and influential figure who left an indelible mark on the spiritual landscape.