After Death: Do You Go To Heaven or Hell?

This video talks about what happens after death according to Sadhguru. In the video, Sadhguru describes a river of energy that every being moves towards after death.

This river is neither life nor death, but a completely different kind of energy. Depending on the level of evolution of the being, different things happen.

  • If the being’s casing or bubble is too thick, it will bounce back to the physical world and be reborn.
  • If the being dissolves in the river, it becomes that energy itself.
  • If the being crosses the river, it goes to another realm.

The quality of the being’s dominant quality will determine their experience in this other realm.

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For example, if they are very joyful, they will become ecstatic. If they are miserable, they become very miserable.

Sadhguru also talks about the practice of Kalaba Karma, which is done to help those who have died. This practice can help those who have bounced back to the physical world or who are still not crossed the river.

It can also help those who have already dissolved or crossed the river, as it may benefit someone else who is connected to them.

Overall, the video is about the different possibilities of what happens after death and how we can help those who have died.