Why Sadhguru is Compared With Osho?

This video is about comparing and contrasting two spiritual gurus, Sadhguru and Osho.

The speaker begins by acknowledging that Sadhguru is often compared to Osho, and that there are some superficial similarities between the two.

For example, they both wear robes and have long hair.

However, the speaker argues that there are also many important differences between the two gurus.

One of the main differences is their approach to spirituality.

Osho was a mystic who focused on individual enlightenment, while Sadhguru is a more practical guru who is also interested in social change.

Sadhguru has initiated a number of projects to improve society, such as Project Green Hands, which is an environmental initiative, and the Rally for Rivers, which is a campaign to clean up India’s rivers.

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Another difference between the two gurus is their attitude towards tradition.

Osho was a rebel who often criticized traditional religious practices.

Sadhguru, on the other hand, is more respectful of tradition, but he is also willing to reinterpret it in a modern context.

For example, he has given his own interpretations of ancient yoga practices.

The speaker concludes by saying that while Sadhguru and Osho are different in many ways, they both have the same ultimate goal: to help people achieve enlightenment.

The speaker encourages viewers to keep an open mind and learn from both gurus.

Here are some additional details from the video:

  • Osho was an Indian mystic who lived from 1931 to 1990. He is best known for his controversial teachings on sex and religion.
  • Sadhguru is a contemporary Indian guru who was born in 1950. He is the founder of the Isha Foundation, a yoga center in India.
  • The video mentions a number of specific examples of how Sadhguru and Osho differ, such as their views on marriage and rituals.