How Not To Get Irritated By Your Wife/Husband

The video is about how to maintain a pleasant disposition in your relationship despite your partner’s unpleasant behavior.

Sadhguru says that instead of focusing on your partner’s negativity, you should focus on maintaining a pleasant state of mind within yourself.

He suggests that you make the most positive experience you’ve had with your partner the baseline for your relationship, and strive to maintain that level of positivity.

He uses the analogy of the snake and ladder game to illustrate this point. Just as you wouldn’t want to go down a snake after climbing a ladder in the game, you shouldn’t let your relationship regress after experiencing a positive moment.

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Sadhguru also tells a story about a man who hired a detective to follow his wife because he suspected her of having an affair. The detective came back with video footage of the wife laughing and having a good time with another man.

However, instead of being angry, the husband was happy to see his wife enjoying herself. Sadhguru uses this story to illustrate the importance of not letting your own negativity ruin your relationship.

Overall, the video is about how to take responsibility for your own emotional state and not let your partner’s behavior dictate your happiness.