Why Do Loved Ones Fight With Each Other?

The person asking the question wonders why it’s easier to appreciate the beauty of nature, like a peacock dancing, than to find wonder in people.

Sadhguru, the one answering, jokes about how humans don’t have fancy feathers like peacocks and how it’s simple to like things you don’t have to share anything with.

He talks about a common trend where people claim to love all of humanity but struggle with personal relationships. He mentions the popularity of distant online relationships where you can easily turn off or delete someone if you don’t like them.

Sadhguru uses a funny example of putting a peacock in your room for a few days to show that living with something is different from admiring it from a distance.

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He highlights the challenge of dealing with people everywhere, unlike admiring things from far away.

He advises against making distinctions based on race, religion, or even species. He encourages appreciating and loving people despite their difficulties.

Sadhguru also mentions how people tend to appreciate others more once they are no longer alive.

The main message is about learning to love and appreciate people, even with their flaws, and the importance of accepting both others and yourself.

He suggests that by enjoying and accepting yourself, you can extend the same feelings towards others, seeing them for who they truly are.