How to Quit Smoking Effortlessly

In a recent interaction, a person raised concerns to Sadhguru about the growing number of smokers seeking help to quit their tobacco addiction. Acknowledging the physical difficulty of overcoming nicotine addiction, Sadhguru expressed a broader perspective on the matter.

Rather than approaching it from a moralistic standpoint, Sadhguru emphasized the senselessness of engaging in activities that go against one’s own well-being. He highlighted the significance of not succumbing to compulsive behaviors, which he sees as a betrayal of the evolutionary benefits that humans possess—consciousness, awareness, and intelligence.

Sadhguru pointed out that while enjoying tobacco might be a personal choice, compulsively engaging in such behavior is a cause for concern. He urged individuals not to discard the evolutionary progress achieved over millions of years by succumbing to addictive habits.

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Sadhguru addressed the issue with a blend of practicality and humor. He encouraged people to introspect and determine if their smoking habits were driven by genuine enjoyment or if they had become a compulsive act. He emphasized that once one recognizes the foolishness in a particular behavior, the desire to continue it naturally diminishes.

In summary, Sadhguru’s perspective on quitting smoking revolves around self-awareness, acknowledging the evolutionary gift of consciousness, and recognizing the futility of compulsive behaviors that undermine personal well-being. Rather than imposing strict moral judgments, he encourages individuals to make conscious choices aligned with their overall growth and well-being.