A 5-Minute Morning Meditation For An Effortless Day

This video is about Shambhavi mudra, a yoga practice for inner exploration.

The speaker, Sadhguru, begins by discussing the importance of grace in human life.

He compares humans to mechanisms, and says that grace is like lubrication for the mechanism.

Without grace, people get stuck in their lives, despite having intelligence and capability.

Shambhavi mudra is a process that can help people become receptive to grace.

Sadhguru then gives some guidelines for preparing for the practice.

These include ensuring that cell phones are off or in silent mode, avoiding a full stomach, and sitting with a comfortably erect spine and uncrossed hands.

He also emphasizes the importance of doing the practices slowly and gently, and stopping if you feel any pain or discomfort.

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The practices are suitable for anyone aged 7 years and above.

Sadhguru advises removing glasses before doing the practice.

To begin the practice, sit comfortably in a cross-legged posture with your spine erect.

Hold the Shambhavi mudra with the thumb and index finger touching at the tips, forming a circle.

Keep the other three fingers straight together, without any gaps between them.

Hold the mudra facing upwards on your thigh, with your arms and shoulders relaxed.

Close your eyes and sit with a slightly upturned face. Maintain a natural focus between your eyebrows, without concentrating.

Continue sitting like this for three to six minutes. Then, slowly open your eyes.

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Sadhguru concludes by saying that mysticism comes from within, and that it is important to stabilize the five fundamental elements within us before attempting any mystical processes.